Allow It to Be Easy

“If you like Abraham…
you’ll  L O V E  Paularyo!”

You’re invited to read and absorb some of
Paularyo’s Channeled Messages

posted on this site by
pressing the Messages link above.


Easy book cover
Allow It to Be Easy
, is now in its second printing!
“Allow It to Be Easy” provides easy steps you can take to heal long-held subconscious limiting beliefs and emerge into a peaceful life reflecting your authentic Soul Truths.
“Your book is very simple yet powerful. I read the book when I got home from work yesterday. I slipped into a state of calm and peace. I am still in that state today. Thank you so very much.
Daniel DiDonna, Parsippany, New Jersey
As you read and absorb the wise and loving channeled messages from Paularyo, a gathering of seven Master Spirit Guides, you will…
* Discover your Life Purpose,
* Learn how to enhance your innate Soul qualities, and
* Experience loving, gentle, graceful healing.
“This is a Handbook for Life. As I read it, I FELT it . . . in my heart and soul. I had tears in my eyes. I could feel my soul qualities as well as love, peace, and compassion in my BE-ing. I will read this everyday as I get up in the morning.”
Tad Tandler, Denver, CO
I am proud and pleased to have teamed with internationally acclaimed artist, Angela Treat Lyon, to share some absolutely stunning images which accompany Paularyo’s healing messages.

I am honored and humbled that Easy has a 5.0 out of 5.0 rating on

“I now have something tangible which can lead me towards a deeper Sense of Self and steps to explore my spirituality within. This book also gives me a deeper understanding of my Life Purpose and allows me to feel I can be more expressive and productive with my own situations… kinda like a life-line!”
~ S.E.F.
Allow It to Be Easy,is in it’s second printing and is available for purchase HERE. You’ll find the paperback version as well as the Kindle edition of Easy.
ALL the reviews of the book are HERE.

My first book, Channeled Messages from a Parallel Universe, contains profound channeled wisdom and divine guidance directly from Spirit, as well as my personal notes about my journey as a channeler.
“This book is the perfect tool for all your Soul Growth and channeling needs…and it comes with its own spiritual toolbox!”
Tracy-Jane Newton
Cambridge, United Kingdom
I begin this book with a short story about how I discovered my gift for channeling. It was a gift which changed my life direction forever more. From that moment on I explored my new metaphysical side with a passion and over time, left not only my `reluctant channeler’ stage far behind, but also my day job as a college counselor with Deaf students.
While channeling my seven Master Guides, collectively known as Paularyo, I transmit their enlightening messages of wisdom and truth. Now you can learn to contact your own Spirit Guides too!
The aim of this book is to assist you with enhancing your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well being. While connecting to your Spirit Guides, you can tap into your intuition and uncover your true self and your life purpose.  You also learn how the process of journaling helps you take the path `less traveled’ and see the world through the eyes of your Soul.
I have a strong following, and am proud and humbled that Channeled Messages has a 5.0 out of 5.0 rating on
“Read Messages with your heart awake and pay attention as your intuition responds affirmatively.”
Dr. Henry Reed, Director
Edgar Cayce Institute
“I love your book. I have just had a very pleasant afternoon absorbing Paularyo’s healing words. It’s amazing how the different aspects of Source have different feels to them.
Abraham is upfront and feisty…
Paularyo seems more gentle and allowing.” 
Neil Longley
Radio Personality, UK
Channeled Messages is available for purchase HERE You’ll find the Paperback version as well as the Kindle edition of Channeled Messages.
ALL the reviews of the book are HERE.

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You’re invited to read and absorb some of Paularyo’s Channeled Messages posted on this site by pressing the Messages link above.
Thanks for visiting.  If you’d like to learn more about channeling, you’ll find lots of information on my sites, Spirit Channeling and Deaf /ASL Spirit Channeling.
If you have a question and would like to contact me, please fill out the form below. I will get back to you as soon as I can.
With love and gratitude,

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