The Humble Healer’s Life Purpose

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My dear, you are a Healer. It is true. You are a conduit of healing energies from Source.  We know this about you because you found your way to this channeled Message. There are no coincidences.

Take a moment to allow the awareness, the knowing, to sink in: I am a Healer.

My dear, we direct this Message today to the Healers who are buried deep in the workforce.  This healer does not call attention to himSelf or herSelf as a Healer.  This is the Unidentified Healer.  The Unrecognized Healer.  The Undercover Healer.  We call you the Humble Healer.  That is not to say that recognized Healers are not humble.  Please do not misunderstand us.  We simply use this label for your heart.  For your soul.  Because we need an identification label for purposes of this Message.

We invite you to close your eyes and BE in this knowing for a moment. BE the Humble Healer.  Allow it to be true for you in just this moment. Allow external thoughts to have no power in this moment.

Notice what happens to your mind, to your body, to your emotions. Feel the ease. Notice that the Healer has no ego involvement. Healers are simply conduits.  Healers share Healing energies from Source with others at will.

If I am a Humble Healer, how do I fulfill my Life Purpose?

On a day-to-day basis, as a Humble Healer, you struggle with your Life Purpose, do you not? This is often a challenge for the Humble Healer.

You also want to know…

  • How is doing my day job fulfilling my Life Purpose?
  • How can I bring balance to my life?
  • How can I stay out of stress and fulfill my Life Purpose?

The question…

How do I fulfill my Life Purpose?

… is constantly in the back of your mind, is it not?

My dear, the question itself actually interferes with achieving your Life Purpose – because you are in your head, thinking about this. Does that make sense?

When you are in your head, trying to figure out how to fulfill your Life Purpose, you can’t do it. You can only do it from your heart.

How can I drop into my heart at will?

When you speak the words to your Self, I am a Humble Healer, you automatically drop out of your head into your heart.

It is from your heart that you fulfill your Life Purpose.

We invite you to close your eyes and speak the words to your Self once more, I am a Humble Healer.

Feel your energy drop from your
effort-filled head into your
effort-less heart.

Allow it to be easy.

Healer Path

My dear, to understand how to fulfill your Life Purpose as a Humble Healer, take a moment to allow yourself to imagine two paths in front of you.

The path on the left is the path that you are on now. On this path you feel that you have not yet achieved your Life Purpose.  You may not even be sure what it is.

The path on the right represents you giving up trying to use your head to figure out how to fulfill your Life Purpose. We will focus on that in a moment.

We invite you to close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself walking down the path on your left. The path you are on now. Allow yourself to feel the energy of it.

  • Notice the struggle.
    • Notice the circular thinking.
      • Notice the tension.

Imagine the Dalai Lama – would he walk this path with you? No. The Dalai Lama lives in his Heart. His Life Purpose is to be a Healer. He knows that he achieves his Life Purpose moment-to-moment.

On the Head Path you are in struggle in a way in which you cannot achieve your Life Purpose. Does that make sense?

The path on your right is the Heart Path, the Healer’s Path. The path of, I am a Healer.

On this path your Life Purpose is achieved moment-to-moment.

Imagine you leave the Head Path and now imagine you are walking the Healer’s Path. No matter what it is that you are Do-ing in the moment, you are BE-ing on this path. Whether you are at your job, being of service, or just with a friend. On this path, you are living your life knowing that…

Being a Humble Healer,
allowing healing energies to flow to and through me,
is my Life Purpose.

How do I walk the Healer’s Path?

Simply allow your Self to be in the awareness that you are a Healer.  When you say to your Self, I am a Humble Healer…

  1. You automatically drop you into you heart.
  2. Healing energy instantly flows from Source to and through you.
  • There is nothing for you to DO.
  • You simply allow your Self to BE the Healer –
  • You are a conduit of Healing energy from the Source.

As a Healer you allow yourself to have healing energy about you. You are accepting…nonjudgmental…compassionate. This is the energy of the Humble Healer.

Once more, we invite you to close your eyes for a moment and imagine walking the Healer’s Path while you are at your day job.

Now image walking the Healer’s Path when you’re with your friends.

Imagine walking the Healer’s Path in your daily life.

  • You are in the moment.
  • You are the Humble Healer.
  • You are allowing it to be easy

If along that journey you make accomplishments on your day job, that is icing on the cake. But it is not the cake.

The cake, your Life Purpose, is:

I am a Humble Healer.
I allow it to be easy.

As you imagine yourself walking the Healer’s Path, imagine yourself once again walking along side the Dalai Lama. Feel his energy.  The Dalai Lama lives in his Heart, in the moment, does he not? This is his Path. This is the Path of all Healers.  This is also your Path, the Path of the Humble Healer.

Imagine yourself at work tomorrow, having a conversation with somebody.  Allow your Self to…

BE the Humble Healer,
BE in your heart,
BE in the moment,
Allow that energy – the Source energy – to flow to and through you,
Allow it to be easy.

The person you are with benefits from it. There may be no words spoken between you. You may never know what you just did for that person.

When you allow this energy to flow to others…

They feel whole.
It is a healing moment for them.

You feel whole.
It is a healing moment for you.

You want to be a “successful” Healer, do you not?

My dear, many Healers become confused with the definition of success.

The expectations from your culture are very different when it comes to what you would call success, yes? Success in your culture is tied to material or business achievements. If when you come to the end of your life, you have not achieved some of the material or business goals that you had hoped for – will you have achieved your Life Purpose? Yes.

For Spirit, success is living your life, moment-to-moment, day-to-day, as a Humble Healer.

Success is sharing healing energy with others,
one conversation, one moment, one thought, at a time.

Will you do it every time?  No.  Success does not mean that you remember to do it every second of every day.  If you did, you would be completely evolved.  Do not expect that of your Self  We do not expect it of you.  BE-ing a Humble Healer takes practice.  Be patient with your Self.

Allow your Self to grow into your Humble Healer Self. 
Allow it to be easy.

When you allow this to be enough…

The stress around achieving your culture’s goals disappear.

This is how you bring your Self into balance.

My dear, it is a moment-to-moment, day-to-day, decision to live your Life Purpose. To allow your Self to BE the Humble Healer.

Once again, imagine yourself walking the Healer’s Path. Imagine that…

Every day you achieve your Life Purpose, one moment at a time.

At the end of the day, every day, as you slip into sleep, image that you know that you have achieved your Life Purpose:  you have shared Healing Energy with someone today.

As you slip into sleep
you acknowledge to your Self that
you have achieved your Life Purpose today.

Imagine that.

My dear, our wish for you is that you allow it to be enough.

Imagine that tomorrow you spend your day in your heart, as much as possible.

When you notice during the day that you are in tension…

Remind yourself:  I am a Humble Healer.
You automatically drop out of your tense head and into your healing heart.
You come into the moment.
You allow it to be easy.
The tension is gone.
It is a healing moment for you, and
for those in your presence, and
for those in your thoughts.

Image that tomorrow night, as you are going into sleep, you are in the knowing that you achieved your Life Purpose.  You were not 100% of the time in your heart.  That would be too much to expect.  You were in your heart when you remembered and allowed your Self to BE.  And that is enough.

Be sure to allow a day-to-day awareness that you have achieved your Life Purpose.

I lived my Life Purpose today,
one moment at a time,
and that is enough.

We invite you to BE in that moment right now.  Knowing that you are doing the best you can.  Having patience with your Self.  How does it feel?

This is a redefinition for you of your Life Purpose.
This is a redefinition of Success.

If you never meet your material or business goals, can it be enough for you that you live your life, day to day, as a Humble Healer?

My dear, allow it to BE so.

My dear, in this moment, allow your Self to truly believe, to know, to recognize that you are a Humble Healer.

BE in the knowing that you can achieve your Life Purpose moment-to-moment…

My dear, allow this to be your definition of success.

Allow it to be easy.

My Life Purpose is to be a Humble Healer.
I live my Life Purpose moment-to-moment.
I accomplish my Life Purpose day-to-day.

I allow it to be easy,
and it is so.

Blessings, my dear,
~ Paularyo

About Connie Russert, M.S.

In 1985 I discovered that I have a gift - the ability to connect with Master Spirit Guides and deliver deeply healing messages and profound spiritual wisdom. I have been honored and privileged to be able to deliver channeling services to spiritual seekers around the globe. I am currently retired from personal channeling and dedicating my time to writing.
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5 Responses to The Humble Healer’s Life Purpose

  1. Carol says:

    Thank you Paularyo and Connie for being the Humble Healing energy of communication. This is a beautiful reminder to move into my heart … over and over again. Blessings for all that you do. I am so grateful to be a part of this wise, healing circle.

  2. Carol, thank you so very much for letting me know how much this Message helped you. The response to this Message has been so strong that I am figuring out how to set up a Humble Healers Group online. First I’ll set up a group here in San Diego, to work out all the kinks, then offer it online – somehow! I’ll figure it out! You are so sweet to let me know how Paularyo’s Message helps you.
    With love and gratitude,
    💞 Con

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  4. Thank you soooo much for writing this xx received with deep gratitude

  5. springcolor111 says:

    I have been searching for a term to summarize how I feel my actions are bestowed upon this world and I keep coming back to “healer”. All my friends confide in me, complete strangers confide in me, animals in need gravitate to me and I need/want to be sure that I am doing all I can to be the best person possible, to keep myself strong and help others. I did a quick search and stumbled upon this article and was instantly calmed. Thank you. I will refer to it over and over. Namaste.

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