About Channeling

I am often asked, What is Channeling??con channeling

Channeling is a combination of…

  • Counseling ~ healing your past pain.
  • Coaching ~ discovering how to create your present and your future in the energy of Peace, Ease and Grace.
  • Transforming ~ deciding to change your habit of making everything harder than it needs to be into “Allowing It to Be Easy.”

The best way for me to describe channeling is to give you a synopsis of a recent channeling session (below) with a woman I had never met.  After our session she sent me this email:

“I was blown away by our session. I don’t feel powerless.
I feel calm and content with
who and where I am right now in life.

And it was humbling to realize myself as a unique Soul.
I look forward to what I may discover from now on.

Many thanks to you and Paulayro.”

Synopsis of the session:

A woman requested a Skype appointment because she wanted to know her Life Purpose. Let’s call her Andi. I went into a light trance and allowed Paularyo to speak to her.

Paularyo immediately saw the energy of a little girl within her who was quite upset. This little girl represented Andi’s subconscious. Andi was not all all aware, at a conscious level, of the following:

The little girl was saying that Andi’s mother had depended on Andi to make her happy, so Andi did all she could to be a good girl and make her mother happy. That wasn’t enough, so Andi (subconsciously) took on her mother’s emotional pain in an attempt to make her mother happy. But that wasn’t enough either. Andi felt that no matter what she did, she wasn’t good enough.

When she became a teenager, Andi became a rebel, closed her heart, and shut everyone out. She was angry because she felt that no matter how hard she tried, she could never meet other peoples’ expectations of her.

As Paularyo was relaying all this to Andi, it made sense to her. Paularyo helped Andi to heal her perception of her past, while healing the pain of her past – that is,

  • to see her mother’s pain,
  • to have compassion for her mother,
  • to wish her mother healing, knowing that Andi could not heal her
  • to release her mother’s pain, which Andi had held within her body
  • to have compassion for her Self – the little girl who was angry
  • to move forward in her life without feeling responsible for other’s pain.

As the session progressed, Paularyo also helped Andi…

  • discover her innate Soul qualities, which Paularyo calls one’s Ka, so that
  • she can know and feel and BE her true Self, and can
  • move forward in her life with an open heart.

Paularyo also went to one of Andi’s past lives to help her understand why she has some patterns today that felt unexplainable to her, and how she can heal those patterns.

That took about an hour. Paularyo then addressed Andi’s original question about her life purpose, and other similar questions. The channeling session was 90 minutes.

At the close of the session, Andi had…

  • a deep understanding of herself
  • tools she could use to continue healing her Self
  • knowledge about how move forward in peace and ease with an open heart
  • a clear understanding of her Life Purpose.


For more information and subtitled videos about Channeling,
pls visit my website

2 Responses to About Channeling

  1. Carlos says:

    Hi Connie,
    I received the beautiful coffee cup today, but have we met before?

  2. Con says:

    Hi Carlos, I don’t know if we have met. What is your last name?
    Nor do I know who bought you the coffee cup. A Valentine’s gift from a secret admirer?
    I’m pleased to know that you like it.
    With love and blessings,

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