Healing Subconscious Rules that no longer serve you.

Your childhood Imagination has more Power than your Rational Mind.

Let’s go there for your Healing.


Take a few deep breaths while you…

Allow your Energy Bubble to expand.

Allow your Self to BE in your Heart.  Sit here for a few moments to enjoy the Peacefulness.

Allow your Heart to recover your Childhood Imagination.

Allow this to be fun!

While there….ask your Ka to bring forward your Subconscious Rules of Life that no longer serve you.

These Rules were implanted long, long ago.

What are your Subconscious Rules?

How have they affected your Life?  Your Heart?

Allow your Imagination to Transform these Rules, one at a time, into healing Soul-Full Guidelines.

Make note of your old Rules and your uncovered Soul-Full Guidelines which replace each of those Rules.

Take your time.  You have nothing but Time.

Allow It to Be Easy.

Your Imagination is the Key to Your Healing.
Allow it to be so.

My dear, allow these Soul-Full Guidelines to return Peace and Ease into your life. 

Allow it to be easy.
And it is so.

~ Paularyo


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About Connie Russert, M.S.

In 1985 I discovered that I have a gift - the ability to connect with Master Spirit Guides and deliver deeply healing messages and profound spiritual wisdom. I have been honored and privileged to be able to deliver channeling services to spiritual seekers around the globe. I am currently retired from personal channeling and dedicating my time to writing.
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2 Responses to Healing Subconscious Rules that no longer serve you.

  1. So simple, yet so true!

  2. Thank you Jeannie. It came through as I was editing my book proposal. I asked Paularyo to write an introduction to the proposal, et voila!
    I’m so blessed to have Paularyo “dictate” such simplicity and truth through me.
    with love,

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