Automatic Writing – How?

I am often asked about “Automatic Writing.”Writing

In the first passage below, my gathering of seven Master Spirit Guides, Paularyo, provide clear and simple instructions for…

  • meeting one of your Spirit Guides, and
  • how to use automatic writing to gather information for your Self.

Following that, there are a few samples of my own automatic writing, so you can get an idea of how I use it in my own life, and how it flows.


~ Message from Paularyo ~

My dear, allow yourself to journal guidance and wisdom from one of your Master Spirit Guides.

The information we shall first share has to do with the process of allowing the energies and information from one of your Guides to flow through and to you in the form of what you may term “automatic writing.” My dear, please have a writing tool with you.

When you are ready to allow one of your Master Spirit Guides to channel energy and information through and to you, begin by creating a sacred space. How?

Imagine around you a Bubble…it is your energy field. With three deep breaths, allow your Energy Bubble to expand until it is as large as the universe. You automatically drop into your heart when you imagine your Bubble expanding.

Insist that any energies or entities that are from other than the highest God Source of light and love leave your Bubble immediately.

As you channel from your heart center, allow it to be easy. If you “try” to channel, you’ll be in your head and it will be most difficult. Allow yourself to be in your heart. Allow the energy to flow through and to you. Know that one of your Master Spirit Guides is present and ready to communicate with you.

Allow yourself to relax physically through a few deep breaths while imagining your Bubble expanding. Relax mentally by allowing yourself to be in the present moment. Relax emotionally by setting aside events and concerns of the day. Relax spiritually by being in your heart.

Invite into your Bubble your Master Spirit Guide. Allow yourself to FEEL the deep wisdom and eternal love of your Guide in your heart.

Your Master Spirit Guide has come from the parallel universe and is now waiting in your heart. It may be easiest to channel information for yourself using your non-writing hand. Invite your Master Spirit Guide to use your non-writing hand to bring energy and information forth.

Allow and visualize the energy of your ego and personality stepping aside temporarily. You may imagine it floating into the corner of the room, or going on vacation to Hawaii. Allow your ego energy to be replaced by your soul energy…your Ka energy. Allow yourself to imagine the energy of your Guide in your heart. Feel the unique presence of your Guide in your heart.

Request and allow yourself to feel your Guide’s loving energies spread into every cell of your physical being. Feel your physical being begin to transform. Allow this Master Spirit Guide to be fully present in your being.

My dear, allow it to be easy. Your childhood imagination is the key to your subconscious. Your subconscious is the key to discovering the truths of your spiritual being.

Feel your thinking begin to transform. Feel your emotional state coming into unconditional love. Feel your physical being become one of light. Allow yourself to spend a moment in this energy as you merge your Ka, your soul energy, with the divine energy of this Master Spirit Guide.

Ask your Master Spirit Guide to give you his or her name. You’ll feel as if you are inventing the name. Your Guide cares not what name you use. Allow yourself to receive a name.

Allow it to be easy as you allow the name to flow to and through you.

“My Guide’s name is: _________________________.”

Ask your Master Spirit Guide how many lives he or she has been with you. Once more, you will feel as if you are making up the answer. Allow yourself to “know,” “hear,” or “see” the number. Allow the information to flow through you, using your non-writing hand.

“My Guide has been with me through ______ lifetimes.”

Ask your Master Spirit Guide what his or her primary intention is for being with you. Ask what area of specialty he or she brings to your awareness and through you. Once more, you will feel as if you are making up the answer. Allow it.

“My Guide’s primary intention for being with me is:_______________.”

Automatic writing, my dear, flows from your Guide through your subconscious to your conscious awareness.

Sit with the energy of your Master Spirit Guide. Feel your energies merging further. Sit as if you are in a state of meditation. It would be best for you to sit in this state for twenty minutes to allow your energy and your Master Spirit Guide’s energy to fully merge.

Allow yourself to feel this energy, to know this energy, to become accustomed to this energy. As you sit in this energy you may go in and out of awareness of the presence of your Master Spirit Guide. Allow it to be so. Gently drop back into your heart and return your awareness to the presence of your Master Spirit Guide. How?

Be aware of your Bubble. Notice that as your Master Spirit Guide merges with your energy, your Bubble expands. Notice what happens to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being as you allow your energy field to be one with All-that-Is.

After you have spent time with your Master Spirit Guide and feel comfortable with these energies merged with yours, come out of what you may call a meditative state while you maintain the energy of your Master Spirit Guide in your being.

In your daily walk, allow yourself to become a channel of wisdom, guidance, and spirit. Each time you hear yourself speaking words of wisdom that you know did not come from you, know that your Master Spirit Guide is speaking through you to another.

Remember that the words you speak are for yourself as well. Listen to your words.

Allow it to be easy.


Below is an example of some automatic writing I did for myself. My friend and I were in Sedona for the weekend, creating our own little private retreat. I felt a bit unsettled regarding my Path and wanted direction.

First, I wrote the question, using my dominant hand. Then I prepared, as explained above.

I switched my pen to my non-dominant hand and waited until I could feel/hear/intuit words coming.

I know the Message is from my Guides because the structure of the sentences is not mine, and the vocabulary is different than my daily vocabulary. I allow the words to flow through me onto paper.


Connie: What is my Life Mission?

Paularyo: Your mission is to show the way for those seeking to enhance their life through Spirit. As you allow Spirit to lead you, you teach through example. Allow us to lead your seminars, just as you allow us to channel. Trust us to know what is for your audience’s best and highest good. Trust us to be able to tap into their hearts and speak to the group with such feeling as if we are speaking directly to each one. Be in your heart. Do not fear, my dear, we are here. We will bring the perfect people onto your path if you will simply open your eyes and your heart and allow us to support you along your path of enlightenment.

C: That sounds simple, but my fear…ego…consciousness…pain…gets in the way. I know it when it happens, and I try to return to my Ka, but sometimes I fail. I don’t like myself when that happens.

P: The Rebel in you lives. She was suppressed during your young life and now comes to the surface for healing. When that happens, honor her! Honor your Rebel. It is that part of yourself which led you onto the sacred path. Allow your Rebel to scream and be angry, and then talk to her. Comfort her. Love her. Nurture her. She will feel safe, and will return to love. Return to your Ka. Laugh with your Rebel. Giggle with her. Return to compassion. Return to ease. Return to magic. Return to the inner mystic.
Allow it to be easy.


This same theme returned a few weeks later as I was writing in my journal.

C: I’m conflicted. I want to get things done. I want to use my time wisely which seems like a left-brain “should” energy. I want to be creative. I want to write. The Rebel in my awakens and says, “Don’t schedule me!”

P: Listen to all your inner beings. Your Child just wants to be loved and nourished. Your Rebel doesn’t want to be told what to do. Your Adult knows there are responsibilities to yourself and others. Your inner beings need to be acknowledged and listened to or that part of you will subconsciously attempt to sabotage your life, your goals.

C: OK, inner beings, what do you want? What do you need?

P: Let each inner being speak to you. Today, start with your Adult.

C: I can do that.


I don’t want to bore you will all my ‘stuff’ so I’ll skip over this Message. However, a few days later, this came up for me.

C: I can’t control my Rebel! My Adult knows what to do. My Child wants attention. Yet my Adult feels like a fake. How can I help others when I don’t have my own life under control? This unconditional love for myself is hard to come by when I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing – like meditation, or exercising, or clearing my desk, or working on my book. What can I do during those times?

P: Be compassionate with your Rebel. She was so good when you were a teenager. She did what she was supposed to do, almost all the time.

C: Why?

P: Your older brother was in constant trouble. Your younger sister was always in trouble. You got attention by being the good girl. It was your way of getting attention and the Rebel was suppressed.

C: When she comes out now, I feel defeated. Who feels defeated?

P: Your Adult. The responsible one. You need breaks from responsibility. You need to veg out.

C: Fun! I can do that!


I do hope this little exercise is helpful for you!  It is an excerpt from my book, “Channeled Messages from a Parallel Universe.”

I’d love to hear from you after you’ve played with it for a while. Let me know how it’s working for you. Send me an email:

With love and gratitude,


About Connie Russert, M.S.

In 1985 I discovered that I have a gift - the ability to connect with Master Spirit Guides and deliver deeply healing messages and profound spiritual wisdom. I have been honored and privileged to be able to deliver channeling services to spiritual seekers around the globe. I am currently retired from personal channeling and dedicating my time to writing.
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