Healing your Expectations

My dear, when you are in the energy of expectation, you are in your head. You are in the future. You are missing the moment.

Allow your Self in this moment to be in expectation.  Imagine it.  Sense your expectations of your Self…expectations about what’s going to happen later today or tomorrow…expectations of your relationships with others…expectations of your job….f-e-e-l these expectations.

Notice what happens to your body, to your mind, to your emotions.  Your body, mind, and emotions feel stressed.

Notice what happens to your energy field, your Energy Bubble.

Your Energy Bubble shrinks.

When you’re in expectation, your mind is spinning, and you are not present in your life. Your mind is so busy spinning, that it is difficult to focus on what you’re doing.  You are missing the moment.

Imagine now that you can encapsulate the energy of your expectations into a small box.  The stressful energy of your expectations easily float out of your BEing and into a box that is floating within your Bubble.  Engage your childhood imagination.  Allow it to be easy.

Allow this box to drift apart from you and to be suspended in midair.

Be sure there are no strings of energy between you and this small box of expectations. If there are, imagine that you can simply cut them and the energy goes into your box of expectations.

BE separate from your expectations.  The box is simply floating within your Bubble.  Allow it to be easy.

Take a deep breath as you allow your Energy Bubble to expand until it is as large as the universe and beyond.  Your Bubble wants to expand.  Allow it.

In this moment BE free of expectations.

When you are free of expectations, notice your Energy Bubble continues to expand.   It is as large as the Universe and beyond.  It wants to expand.  Simply allow it.  As your Bubble expands, notice…

Your body is peaceful.

Your mind is clear.

Your emotions are calm.

Your connection with All-That-Is to be complete.

When you allow your Energy Bubble to expand, you automatically drop into your heart.

You are present to this moment, to your life.

You can more easily focus and complete tasks.

When you allow your Energy Bubble to expand, and you release expectations (put them aside), you simply drop into your heart and into the moment.

When you experience your moments with your Energy Bubble expanded, you drop into peace.

Allow your Self to imagine now that you are walking through tomorrow without expectations. How are your experiences different than they were yesterday when you walked through your day with expectations of your Self and of others?

Your mind is clear, your body feels light, your emotions are calm.

When you have expectations of an upcoming event, a preconceived idea of what is going to happen…as you anticipate that event and as you enter that event – what can you do?

You can put aside your expectations – put them in your floating box – in order to BE present in your life.

When you move forward without expectations

  • Your heart opens.
  • Your mind slows.
  • You allow it to be easy.
  • You are fully present to the moment and open to whatever happens.
  • You feel free to BE your Self, your Spiritual Essence, your Ka.

Imagine, my dear, that you are writing your goals for the day, or for the year.  You go to your head to retrieve your goals.  Your head’s purpose is to store information for you.

Then you write your goals from your heart.

If you have the expectation that you will complete all of your goals perfectly, you remain in your head, and you will be disappointed.

As you stay in your heart while writing your goals, and you trust that you will do the best you can, and that whatever you get done will be enough…you remain in peace.

You allow it to be easy.

When you are in expectations of your Self you are in your head, the home of your Ego… you’re in worry, you’re in judgment, your mind is spinning.  It is impossible to be in joy and in freedom when your head is spinning.  You are missing your life.

When you have expectations of your Self, you will be disappointed.  Expectations contain judgment.

When you have expectations of other people you will be disappointed, will you not?

If you need another person to love you so much that you can feel good about your Self, that person will never love you enough.

If you expect your job to give you everything you need in your life, it will never be enough. You will be disappointed.

What do you do??  When you realize you are in expectations, you can easily transform your expectations into peace, yes?

Take a deep, relaxing breath…allow your Energy Bubble to expand…and gather your energy of expectations up into a little box which you put aside.

Feel the difference. You know that whatever is going to happen, is going to happen, and you return to peace.  You return to the present.

My dear, what have your expectations taught you?

Expectations have taught you what happens when you live in your head, when your mind is spinning, and when you are missing your life.

What happens?  You create stress.  Physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional stress.  This is the opposite of your natural being, your soul, you Ka – peace, love, compassion, joy, ease.

Expectations have taught you through “opposites.” The opposite of creating stress in your life is creating peace.  When you learn through opposites, it is the most powerful learning for you.

Once you have learned through experiencing opposites, you allow it to be easy to flip to the other side.  In this case, you flip from stress to ease. The deeper your stress from expectations, the deeper your peace and ease.

Use these tools to enhance your life, my dear.  Enhancing your life is what your life is all about. When you enhance your life, you enhance your Ka…your soul qualities. 

And that is your Life Purpose – to enhance your Ka…your soul qualities.

Thank this box of expectations for all it has taught you through opposites.

Now, my dear, ask the box which is holding your expectations to transform into an energy which represents the opposite of expectations.

The opposite of expectations is faith, is it not? Faith that whatever happens is for your best.

Allow your box of expectations to transform into an image which represents for you faith… faith in your Self and faith in the universe.

What does the box become? It may transform into a flower…an animal…a ball of light. What does it become?

Allow it to be easy.

Simply allow your Energy Bubble to expand, my dear. That will automatically take you out of your head and drop you into your heart, which opens the doorway to your creativity, your childhood imagination.

Allow your imagination to create this transformation from a box of expectations to….what?  What do you see in your imagination? Allow it to be easy.  Make a mental note of your new image.

Invite your newly created image, which represents faith, into your heart. Feel the energy of faith in your heart. Feel the energy of allowing, of peace, of ease, and the energy of being present to your life.

You have transformed from a low vibration of stress into a high vibration of peace and ease.

You did it.  You can do it anytime.  Simply practice.  Practice.  Practice.

Take a moment to feel in your heart the energy of faith/ease/allowing and being present in your life.

The image of peace that you created is a very important image for your healing. When you transform the image of low vibration, an energy that you no longer wish to carry, into an image of high vibration which serves you today, it provides you with an easy tool you can use for your ongoing personal and spiritual growth.

Add this image to your Spiritual Tools for Personal Transformation Toolbox.

My dear, the next time you find your Self in expectations, in stress, you have an image ready to transform that box of expectations into.

You have a spiritual tool that you can use in one breath to bring your Self out of stress and into peace and ease.

Practice now.  Practice often.  In one breath…

  • Allow your Energy Bubble to expand,
  • Gather any lingering expectations out of your body and into a box,
  • Transform the box of expectations into your new image, and
  • Invite the image into your heart.
  • F-e-e-l the transformation. 

Whenever you think of it, simply allow your Energy Bubble to expand. You will drop you into your heart, and be in peace and ease and comfort and compassion and love and the present moment.

Live Soul-First.

We invite you to live in the high vibration of your heart, Soul-First, instead of living in the low vibration of your head, Ego-First.

When you are living Soul-First you allow it to be easy.

Allow it to be easy, my dear.
And it is so.

~ Paularyo

About Connie Russert, M.S.

In 1985 I discovered that I have a gift - the ability to connect with Master Spirit Guides and deliver deeply healing messages and profound spiritual wisdom. I have been honored and privileged to be able to deliver channeling services to spiritual seekers around the globe. I am currently retired from personal channeling and dedicating my time to writing.
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  1. memphis says:

    thank you for sharing this. it has given me a bit more clarity for myself and others. 🙂

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