Your Life Purpose

Life is...

a process of
personal transformation,

a journey of
remembering your
Soul qualities,

living your life with
purpose and passion,

allowing it to be easy.

You are on a Journey of Enlightenment.

My dear, imagine, if you will, that your life is a dream that your Soul creates so it may advance on its Path of Enlightenment.

Imagine that your Body is simply a vehicle for your Soul’s dream journey.

If you could accept this as one of your Truths, how would your life be different?

Let’s take a journey of imagination.

Imagine your Soul as a ball of white light in a Parallel Universe.

Imagine that your Soul contains all of the energy and information from all of your lifetimes.

Imagine that your Soul is energetically connected to All-That-Is.

Visualize your Soul connected to your heart through a stream of white light.  At the end of this stream of light, in your heart, is your “Ka.”  See your Ka as a small ball of white light in your heart.  This ball of light, your Ka, came with you into this lifetime.

Your heart contains your Ka.

Your Ka contains your innate Soul Qualities – love, compassion, peace, joy, wisdom – all of the qualities of your Soul.

Your Life Purpose is to enhance your Soul qualities.

You came to the Earth to enhance your Ka, so that your Soul completes its Journey of Enlightenment.

While you are traveling your Soul Journey on Earth, you can call on Master Spirit Teachers to assist you.

Master Spirit Teachers are energies that have always been, and will forever be, teachers of the highest order. They have never been incarnate. They serve as pure Teachers of Spirit.


· Your Soul chose the Earth as your Spiritual School.
· Your Ka holds your Soul qualities.
· Your Heart is the home of your Ka.
· Your Life Purpose is to enhance your Ka qualities.
· Your Master Spirit Teachers are available to assist you.
· Your Ka returns to your Soul as you leave this life.

Once your Ka has reached Enlightenment, your Soul’s Journeys are complete. Your Soul becomes a teacher for other Souls.  You no longer reincarnate.

There comes a time in your life when
you make a clear decision to
live from your Heart
– the home of your Ka, your Soul –
instead of your Head
– the home of your Ego’s “shoulds.”

Is that time now?

Allow it to be easy.
And it is so.

~ Paularyo

About Connie Russert, M.S.

In 1985 I discovered that I have a gift - the ability to connect with Master Spirit Guides and deliver deeply healing messages and profound spiritual wisdom. I have been honored and privileged to be able to deliver channeling services to spiritual seekers around the globe. I am currently retired from personal channeling and dedicating my time to writing.
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10 Responses to Your Life Purpose

  1. Katherine at Be Well Gifts says:

    beautifully written. Thank you for sharing. be Well

  2. Very soothing. What exactly am I soothing? I don’t know, but that’s the word that fits.

    Kind of funny that I felt a little sad when I read the part about no longer incarnating–as if I’d “miss” it. That’s earth-thinking, I know.

    Thanks Connie.

    • Good morning Kelly, love that Paularyo’s words are soothing to you. This is the introduction for the book I will be submitting to Hay House. How is your book proposal coming along?
      with love,

  3. Eva says:

    Thank you dear Masters Paularyo, thank you dear Connie to remember me.
    With love,

  4. laylaameli says:

    I would like to say I had the most extraordinary meditation after reading this! I liked your name for these “Master spiritual teachers” so I tried to contact them. Wow! All I can say is I am deeply touched and thank you so much!
    Layla Ameli

    • Good morning Layla, thank you for letting me know how Paularyo’s words led you to an extraordinary meditation. I’m often told that the energy of their words is soothing and healing.
      with love,

  5. It was brilliant having us “imagine” our life purpose…so well written. Thank you, Paularyo, and thank you, Connie!

  6. Good morning Rachael, thank you for your kind words. This is the ‘introduction’ of my new book – which I am submitting to Hay House in hopes they will accept it for publication. Pls hold the vision for me!
    with Ka hugs,

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